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Waterco Exotuff Sand Filter E500 (20'')


Filters Waterco
Waterco Exotuff Sand Filter E500 (20'')
c/w 11/2" MPV
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Easy to clean and maintain via multiport valve.
 Large diameter drain port and strainer for simple emptying.

• Exotuff Filters are considered one of the strongest filters within its class.

Multiport valve with ergonomic handle and quick connect barrel unions.

Clear sight glass for backwash inspection.

Pressure gauge to determine the filter’s capacity.

Multiport valve clamp provides 360° orientation of the Multiport valve for simple installation and service.

UV and corrosion resistant.

Hydraulically balanced flow distribution, to maximise filtration and backwashing.

Large filter base for stable floor mounting.

Tank Volume/Size: 
Non applicabile

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