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TMC MicroHabitat 60 Cabinet 38x41x90cm BLACK


TMC Signature Cabinets
TMC MicroHabitat 60 Cabinet 38x41x90cm BLACK
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TMC MicroHabitat 60 Cabinet 38x41x90cm BLACK

Optiwhite Glass Aquarium Set • Sleek, plug and play aquarium set, perfect for a marine or freshwater set-up
• Suitable for mini aquascapes, small fish and invertebrates (please refer to instructions for
suitable species)
• Manufactured from high quality Optiwhite glass, for super clear, true to nature viewing
• Available in 30 litre and 60 litre versions, in black or white
• Compact and self-contained - ideal for any room in the house
• Quick and easy to install
• Dimensions: 30 litre - 32 x 38 x 30(h) cm. 60 litre- 38 x 41 x 38(h) cm
• Set includes:-

- Optiwhite glass aquarium with filter chamber
- AquaRay Horizon ultra thin LED lighting tile/cover glass
- REEF-Skim Nano needlewheel protein skimmer (marine versions ONLY)
- AquaHabitats media basket with filter sponges
- Integral, high performance pump with multi-directional outlet
- Aquarium heater
- Matching base
- Fittings

Please note: this aquarium MUST NOT be positioned in direct sunlight as this will lead to excessive algae growth and could result in the aquarium overheating.

Tank Volume/Size: 
Non applicabile

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