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Gamma NutraShots FW Complete 12mm 100g


Gamma Dry & Liquid Feeds
Gamma NutraShots FW Complete 12mm 100g
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Gamma NutraShots FW – Complete

Advanced, nutritionally complete, press-on food balls suitable for all omnivorous tropical freshwater fish

• 100% natural, easily digestible

• Pre-mixed, ready to use food balls for easy feeding and low waste

• Contains naturally occurring sensory attractants to encourage feeding

• Sticks easily to the side of the tank or rockwork allowing your fish to graze naturally whilst giving you a close-up view of your fish feeding!

• Suitable for every day feeding of all omnivorous tropical freshwater fish such as tetras, mollies, guppies, platies, barbs, freshwater angelfish, freshwater pufferfish, freshwater crustaceans and molluscs.

• Use as frequently as required, ensuring full consumption and no wastage

• Use a range of Gamma Foods to provide a varied diet and maintain your fish in the optimum condition

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Non applicabile

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