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TMC System 10000 Marine


TMC Systems
TMC System 10000 Marine
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Our reservoir-based recirculation systems have proved very
successful. Compared with an in-line series of filtration
equipment, TMC reservoir-based units offer the following
A separate pump from the livestock pump (not included) circulates the water around the filtration unit. This allows an independent and rapid turnover of the system waste products.
Maintenance of the filtration components can be carried out without any interruption to the livestock supply.
Individual components can be removed and replaced easily.
The filtration system can be set up and run independently, allowing maturation of the biological filters, without connection to the livestock tanks.
Systems come complete with all filtration pipework and are supplied ready to assemble with no gluing required.
Systems are available in either freshwater or marine configurations and in a choice of two capacities.
These systems can also be supplied without a reservoir.

A complete, compact, plug and play recirculation filtration system (RAS) for use in saltwater applications. Ideally suited for hatcheries, research facilities, retail shops, shellfish holding systems, as well as public aquaria displays and quarantine systems.

• Space saving design incorporating mechanical, biological  and UV filtration, as well as a high-performance venturi driven protein skimmer. 

• Double reservoir design for effective treatment of return  water through the protein skimmer, and double bag filter system for enhanced mechanical filtration. 

• Water flow to the livestock tanks supplied via a Twin  double pass UV for effective sterilisation. 

• Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, PVC and  acrylic components, suitable for marine environments. 

• Robust, double walled and fully insulated reservoirs. 

• Can be re-assembled in a matter of hours without  any specialist tools. 

• Manufactured in the UK.

Tank Volume/Size: 
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