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Theiling Rollermat XC Aqua


Theiling Rollermat XC Aqua
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Automatic fleece filter for garden ponds and freshwater aquariums
The Rollermat XC is the bigger brother of our proven Rollermat. The housing, incl. the lid, is made of strong injected PE. The Rollermat XC is best suited for the outdoor use at garden ponds as well as for large freshwater aquariums, especially high loaded tanks with cichlids or catfish.

The fleece is 42 cm wide, the maximum flow rate can reach up to 10.000l/h. This is sufficient for Aquariums up to a volume of 10.000l and garden ponds up to 20.000l volume.

The technology is similar to the smaller Rollermat. If the fleece is dirty, the water level in the filter rises and a float switch starts the motor that turns the fleece – fully automatic.

If the fleece roll is used, it can be changed with a new one in just a few minutes.  One roll contains 45 m of aquarium fleece (40g/m²) or 90 m pond fleece (20g/m²).
In combination with a 36 or 55 watts UV-C Protector the pond water can be kept crystal clear.

Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 70 cm

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