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Salifert Magnesium Powder Additive 250 ml


Salifert Prodotti
Salifert Magnesium Powder Additive 250 ml
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If magnesium concentration is low (Salifert`s Magnesium Profi-Test) then you might be facing problems in maintaining sufficiently high calcium concentration and alkalinity.

Correct calcium and alkalinity values are beneficial for coral growth and health.

This powdered magnesium supplement is highly concentrated and will correct the ionic imbalance. Once the magnesium concentration is between 1200–1500ppm (Salifert`s Magnesium Profi-Test) revert to the liquid Magnesium supplement.

Each level measuring beaker (30ml) will increase the calcium concentration of 40 liters with approx. 75ppm. Pre-dissolve the powder in freshwater (1 cup of water on each level beaker powder) and add slowly to the tank. Never increase the magnesium concentration by more than 200ppm a day.

Contains highly blended purified and concentrated magnesium salts.

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