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AquaBar T-Series Single 1200mm REEF BLUE (SINGLE NO PSU)


Aquabar T Series
AquaBar T-Series Single 1200mm REEF BLUE (SINGLE NO PSU)
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Azul recife SIMPLES (tudo azul) – Água salgada
Lúmenes (por barra): 240
Watts (por barra): 23
Comprimento = 1140 mm.
Adequada para substituir T8 (36 W)/T5 (54 W), 1200 mm de comprimento.
Compatível com MMS.
PSU NÃO incluída.

  • High performance, cost effective LED bars
  • Equivalent sizes to T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps but with ultra low running costs
  • TWIN sets = easy, direct replacement for twin fluorescent lamp fittings
  • Long life – no more lamp replacements – and low voltage
  • Low voltage
  • Wide range of colours including “Fiji Purple” which incorporates NUV light for enhanced coral colouration, and “Colourplus” for fish only and freshwater setups
  • Colour coded packaging for easy selection of correct lamp length and type MMS compatible and includes adapters for T5 & T8 IP rated lamp holders
Tank Volume/Size: 
Non applicabile

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